Social media has evolved into standard practice in the business world. And for those small and medium size businesses out there, social media interaction is a must in order to keep up with competition.

“But where do I find the time to post?” and “What should I be posting?” are two questions we have heard dozens of times in recent years. We are right there with you. Running a business is time consuming enough without having to constantly worry about managing your various social outlets. Then, once you finally make time, you sit down and stare at the screen wondering what to post. Why even fool with it, right? WRONG! We guarantee that your competition won’t give up that easily – and neither should you. The next time you find yourself short on time and ideas for posting to social media, consider using one of the following recommendations guaranteed to help you come up with efficiently engaging content:

1.) Post links
– Post a link to another blog or blogger. The next time you come across a blog post with relevant to your audience or customer base, share it with your followers. This is one of the most commonly acceptable approaches to churning out good content with minimal effort. Your followers will thank you.
– Since you’re already keeping tabs on industry news relevant to your particular sector, why not pass that news along to your followers? They will begin to trust you as an industry leader if they see that you constantly have your head in the game.
– Writing an article on a topic relevant to your audience could take hours. That’s why we recommend posting your original commentary along with the link to an article published by someone else.
– Infographics are still a hot trend, but they can be doubly time-consuming if you don’t have a design background. Don’t worry about creating your own. Infographics are meant to be shared. Of course, it never hurts to add a little commentary to the piece.

2.) Share pictures
You may immediately think of Instagram as the platform for sharing pictures, but photos are an appropriate medium for most social media channels. It never huts to post high quality images of merchandise, but photo content shared on social media should go beyond pictures of products and merchandise. Instead, consider posting photos of what’s going on “behind the scenes” at your company. This approach shows transparency and allows your audience to get to know you and your company culture. A major trend right now!

3.) Solicit feedback
It never hurts to solicit feedback from your audience. This can be done through polls, surveys (, or Q&A formats. For example, if your tapped for fresh ideas, tell your audience that you’re having trouble coming up with post ideas and request their input. Be prepared for a flood.)

4.) Google it
Google and Elemental Content have some things in common. Like, we both have your back. If this post doesn’t give you enough ammunition to defeat the social media may lay, just search Google.

Give this a try: what should a small-business owner post on social media?

5.) Do nothing (and relax)
Of course, you could always take a break from posting. Stepping away from your work to relax or have some fun will often lead to a renewed perspective or creative approach for handling any lingering tasks.